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April 2001


by Original Author on April 25, 2001

Originally posted by Betty Jo Harter
“And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men….” Colossians 3:23

I am always encouraged when I observe someone give their very best, give more than what’s required, to fulfill their responsibility to an assignment, or a job they’re been given. There is such a person in our province.

This young man is an outside worker. I first noticed him because of his consistency on his job. I will pass him while in my car, and it doesn’t matter the condition of the weather, either strong typhoon rains, or blistering smothering heat, he never leaves his job. I guess secondly I noticed the cheerfulness he always displays. He is happy to have a job in a country where jobs are so scarce. And families so hungry for lack of income. I’ll smile and wave and he smiles back. His work is boring, repetitious work. I’m quite sure he is being paid to do something that someone else does not want to do. He is the kind of a young man that displays by his consistency and attitude that he is both dependable and trustworthy. An example to all of us. He doesn’t know my name I don’t know his. He has no idea how often he has cheered my heart and makes me thank God for all His mercies. I’m just someone who passes by. He humbles me.

Oh, I forgot to mention, this young man has Down’s syndrome and is the keeper of the sewer on Gladiolas Street.

Betty Jo Harter


Updates of the Work

by Original Author on April 23, 2001

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter
The Lords blessing are abundant, we are thousands of miles from our beloved America yet we are safe in our home and can rejoice in the providential care of
God. The churches and fellowships, which are our major concern, are enjoying an unusual increase for which we give praise to the giver of “every good and every perfect gift”. The Lord continues to open up fields of service and the labor is a joy to perform. Hope burns bright for the future of our work. The worse this world can do to us is to kill us and according to Paul that is gain. Betty Jo is doing well but often tired from caring for three little ones. But, it is a good tired.

We have a ministers meeting coming up May 3-5 with Elder Zack Guess and Elder Thomas Mann. Our theme will be “Shepherding the Flock”. Brother Zack and Thomas will be covering areas of importance and they are will qualified to teach them. It is difficult for churches to rise above their ministry and it is my desire to help them in every possible way. Brother Donnie Halbgewachs Jr. from Nebraska will also be with them and we are looking forward to having him here. Our meeting was moved from Davao City to Iligan City because of the ease of travel for our ministry. We have rented a small resort outside of town to accommodate our people. This type of meeting proved extremely beneficial for our ministry last February and we pray it will be that profitable again. Please pray our Lord will bless each speaker as he arises to proclaim the Word of God.

This coming July we are looking forward to Elder Thomas Bond, his wife Elaine, Brother Clay Cunningham and his wife Robin spending several weeks with us. I will be announcing Brother Bond’s appointments in our next newsletter.

During the month of April I enjoyed a visit to the island of Luzon. This is the largest island with the greatest population. Manila is located on this island. I had received an invitation from two groups of churches in Luzon requesting my visitation because they embraced the Doctrine of Grace. They both graciously received my preaching and the Lord willing may unite with us. I will write later on this subject as the circumstances further develop. Most of our work in the Philippines consists of starting new churches, pioneering work. These men already have several churches, which have a sincere interest in our people.

We are also considering a new challenge. A church in the States graciously gave us funds to purchase land for an orphanage. After diligently searching we found some land on a mountaintop just outside the city proper. It will give us just the right balance of country living yet close to hospitals and convenient to shopping. Betty Jo will have to over see this work and she is going about it with her customary zeal. There are an abundance of street children, abandon orphans and even unwanted newborns. We do not know all the problems in a work of this nature but soon will. As we adopting 16 children into our home is not part of the church nor is this work in an orphanage but is strongly taught in scripture; James 1: 27 “Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.” The term visit literally means to care for. Please pray for us that we may use God given judgment in this work. I know there are many pitfalls.

There is another door of opportunity opening for us. In our daily routine of life many have asked to attend our church. I have missed pastoring a flock and believe it is of the Lord to personally start a church in Davao City. There are several Americans serving churches in the city and they are well received. It would also serve as a base and give authority for our evangelical work. In addition to this it would be good for my children to have the responsibility of supporting a local church. The opportunity for service is endless. We plead an interest in your prayer. The fields are truly White Unto Harvest!


Praise God Rachel surgery was successful!

April 20, 2001

Originally posted by Betty Jo HarterPraise God Rachel’s surgery was successful! The doctors removed only the right eye that had wrinkled and was bulging. I went to see her the evening of the outpatient surgery and she was resting because of extended vomiting. I didn’t wake her but waited until the next morning and took […]

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Letter from Sam

April 19, 2001

Originally posted by Sam HarterHi, to all the love ones back at home. As soon as I found out it was my turn to write an article, I got so excited to write to say a little something. The Philippines turned out better than I thought it would. The people here are so warm, sweet, […]

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The Growth of the Primitive Baptist Churches in the Philippine Island

April 19, 2001

Originally posted by Rolly de GuzmanIt was in the year 1994 that the first American Primitive Baptist elders came to the Philippines particularly in the place of Davao City. From what I have heard based from the testimony of the pioneering pastors, they started the church and organized it under the mango tree. Last January […]

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Rachel Condition

April 10, 2001

Originally posted by Betty Jo HarterSeveral of you are asking question about little Rachel’s condition. I don’t know that I understand it fully. Here is what I have been told. Rachel has Kwashiorkor or wet malnutrition because her feet, hands and face are swollen. This happens because a child does not eat enough body building […]

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Prayer Request for Rachel:

April 9, 2001

Originally posted by Betty Jo HarterI have mentioned earlier about six year old Rachel and her blindness due to malnutrition. I would beg you to pray for this little girl with, she has the sweetest spirit I’ve ever seen in someone so afflicted. She lost her eyesight one month ago. She was found on the […]

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