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December 2001

Update of the Work

by Original Author on December 12, 2001

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

I thought my trip was a tiring until I returned home and attempted to comprehend what my wife had been doing in my absence. The clinic for malnourished children, Beauty for Ashes, is in its third month of operation and has a capacity number of children. We have taken two more little ones into our overgrowing family, Angel’s young brother Robert and little Isaac who still struggling to stay alive. He has gone through some extremely difficult blood disorders. He is not out of the woods yet. I will save the story behind these two for my wife to tell. But with eighteen children, we have regular catastrophes and our home is becoming smaller and smaller. It might be time for me to schedule another preaching trip to America.

During the month of October and November, I took four Filipino ministers to America for a thirty-five day preaching trip. We visited fifteen States and spoke in thirty-eight different churches. Without exception the meetings were well attended and were both warm and spiritual. One of my purpose was to allow as many as possible to hear the ministry of the Philippines speaks so they could hear first hand of their soundness in the faith and see their zeal. Our churches receive them with great warmth and kindness. However, as we came close to the end of our meetings we became weary, and with anticipation long to returned to our families. My Brethren from the Philippines love the people of our churches and were extremely appreciative for the gracious hospitality extended to them. They particularly enjoyed our food and its abundance. But they always looked for their customary rice at each meal. The visit, I believe, will prove profitable for both our churches in the states as well as the churches in the Philippines.

During the months of December and January, the Lord willing we will be constituting eleven churches and ordaining several ministers. Elders H. D. Fulmer from Arkansas and Travis Housley from Western Kentucky will be coming to assist in this work. We also have some eight to ten new works that should be started during this time. I am also in the process devising a program of helping our ministry that will strengthen them but will not make them dependent. Many of our ministers are hindered from service because they lack the necessities to survive. Please pray for our having judgment and understanding in the various pursuits for our Lord’s Kingdom.

Beauty for Ashes is now filled to overflowing with little children being nourished back to health. We have twelve patients with varying degrees of malnutrition. We just about completed the clinic with the nurses and staff bursting with satisfaction over the improvements of the facility. Betty Jo has worked tirelessly over this labor of love. We thank God for the opportunity to show acts of mercy to these helpless little ones. We will continue to have prayer request posted on the web page. Thank you for prayers and interest in these precious children. Included in these articles are a number of pictures of the facilities at Beauty for Ashes and of the children.

Your Servant in Christ,
Gus Harter
Photos of Beauty for Ashes