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January 2002

My Trip to America , by Manolo Dalman

by Original Author on January 31, 2002

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

A heartfelt gratitude to God Almighty for the opportunity He gave me to visit America last October 2001. Visiting America is a big blessing for me in many ways. I was able to see the beauty of America and I am impressed. I saw beautiful places, big, tall buildings and beautiful people who are living good lifestyle. I have seen how God bless America so much. I believe it is because there are many people who are God’s children/elect living there. And I was able to meet some of our American brethren from seventeen (17) states. Though I do not know them personally, I enjoyed much the warm fellowship we had. The hour-long singing time inspires me. They were also quite hospitable, and really made our stay a pleasant one. I felt the liberty of preaching God’s word in every church I visited. The brethren received it graciously. Special meetings held at Cincinnati and Smokey Mountain was memorable for me. I had an opportunity in preaching to more than a thousand brethren who attended the meeting. I never had such huge congregation before American brethren. I thank God for the wisdom He gave me in communicating with them. I also thank the Lord for the brethren there who was very helpful to our needs – to our family and the ministry here in the Philippines. Many thanks also for those who unselfishly share their blessings to us. I know God will bless them more abundantly.

My personal thanks to Brother Gus Harter for the effort he exerted to make our preaching engagement in America possible. Also to my Filipino brethren who prayed for me and my companions’ safety and success as Ambassadors of Christ in America. And I gave to God all the glory and honor worthy of His name. Amen.


Philippine Ministry About Their Trip to America

by Original Author on January 19, 2002

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

I have requested each of the Ministers to write their experience and impression of their trip to America. I thought you all might enjoy their comments. The first to respond was Elder Ronnie Cababao. I will put them on White Unto Harvest’s web pages as they respond.

Elder Gus Harter

Dear Friends and Brethren,

PRAISES and GLORY is of the LORD. I would like to personally express my heartfelt gratitude to those who contributed to make our way possible in going to America. First I thank our Lord for his divine providence and Infinite Grace for allowing me to join in the first Filipino team who went to America. Second, I thank Elder Gus Harter for his keen decision though it’s hard for him to choose among two of us from Iloilo to be in his trip. Thirdly, to the brethren in America who are excited to see us, hear us and fervently praying for us. Fourthly, to the Elders in Iloilo, Antique, and Negros who are behind me in prayers. Lastly to my family and members in the church who also were praying hard for this rich and memorable trip to America. “To God be the Glory great things He has done”.

In reality I’ve never dreamed of going to America. It’s impossible for me to reach America since I don’t have the means. Only God can do it for me. He did it and He made it happen.

When Elder Gus Harter announced in the group of Elders in the Amigo Terrace Hotel, Iloilo City together with Sister Betty Jo that I am the chosen one to join the trip going to America, my first reaction was not excitement but with fear. In fact, Elder Gus, noticed it that I was not excited and so he asked me, “Ronnie are you happy to go?” I responded positively, “Yes!” but deep inside my heart there was hesitation and fear. Actually, I shared my feeling to the Elders in Iloilo and even to Brother Rolly de Guzman. You may ask me why I have that feeling? I have got reasons:

1. First, it was a fearful task. To talk to 39 churches is not easy and it is not just a tour. It is a heavy responsibility and it is not easy to talk to people like Americans.
2. Secondly, Americans are intellectuals.
3. Thirdly, I might not be able to communicate with them very well since I consider my limitation in delivering the message in their native tongue.
4. Fourthly, I might not be able to reach their satisfaction or not satisfied of the message I might shared to them since it might be too familiar for them.
5. Fifthly, I’m just new and not too familiar with the use of terminology being used here in the Primitive Baptist Church.

My fear brought me to intense prayer and preparation for the help of God. There is only one desire in my heart and that is, to give back the Glory and Honor to the Lord. However, as the schedule of the trip come near, I got sick and brought me to the hospital. In reality, I thought of not going anymore since one day before the trip I still have the dextrose in my hand. I believe that our God is a God of purpose. He allows it to happen to me to make fully rely and have confidence in Him alone. Indeed, it is an exciting, thrilling, enjoying experience. It is a rare opportunity and privileged to speak and shared the message of grace among God’s elected people there in America. It’s almost fifty four days have passed since we arrived here in the Philippines since November 22, 2001 and we could not forget yet the enjoyable, inspiring and momentous events in our lives there in America.


America as a nation is indeed a very large, beautiful, developed, affluent, and progressive nation. When I first saw the Los Angeles Airport with its sophisticated advanced technology, I said to myself indeed America is a blessed nation and blessed people.

I observe that the people, they are so busy. I saw older people still working and it comes to my mind that there is still great opportunity for the people here who are aging in forty’s and above. While in the Philippines when you reach this age you have lost the bright opportunities. There it is the losing stage in life.

The environment is clean; the surroundings are clean, with a clean and fresh air. The beautiful, big trees along the road attract me. The houses built under the big trees are much appreciated. The beautiful and different colors of the leaves of the trees, the beautiful scenery around you is enjoyable. The cold weather, though we are not use to it makes you relaxed and brings you calmness. The roads are wide, big and well paved. No traffic lights and signs. These were signs that America was a well-developed country.

One thing, which I appreciated and enjoyed in the trip during in our interstate travel, is the Rest Area. Because of its coldness in the atmosphere and the drinks are cold, so often felt uncomfortable. We usually asked Elder Gus to bring us to the Rest Area. I observe that in every few miles you could find Rest Area. It is just a product of an organize, well-planned and intelligent mind that makes that area possible in every travelers. I also enjoyed the good, rich delicious food. An American delicacy, which we enjoyed to eat but quite greasy.

The accommodation in the houses of the brethren and the Elders are excellent. We feel comfortable and enjoyable in every home we stayed. The people were very accommodating and caring. The services given us were excellent.

My general observation and impression among our brethren in America, they are amiable, friendly, loving and caring people. I enjoyed very much their expressions of love an care like hugging, shaking hands and telling you, we enjoyed your preaching and we are blessed. It elated us. We missed it here. I did not regret that I’ve been here in the Primitive Baptist Church because I found them to be loving, caring and serving people of God. Also impressed with the generosity of our people there. Also impressed with their soundness and their love for the Doctrine of Grace. The American ministries were sincere, honest and spiritual men.

This trip to America widens my horizon and perspective in life. How nice are the good brethren there. I’m satisfied, happy and enjoyed. Hope to hear from you too and see you again face to face. More power and God bless you more. Thank you, once again for your love, concerns prayer and financial help to us. Special mention to Elder Gus and Ma’am Betty Jo for making the trip to America. May the Lord be pleased and be glorified in the effort we made for His Eternal Glory, Amen.

Elder Ronnie Cabaobao
The Lord’ Primitive Baptist Church
Zone 8, Calumpang, Molo,
Iloilo City 5000

Home Address:
San Isidro, Tabuc Suba
Zone V, Jaro, Iloilo City
Philippines 5000


Visit of Elder Harvey D. Fulmer

January 12, 2002

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