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February 2002

Update of the Work

by Original Author on February 13, 2002

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

The growth of our churches and prospect of the future has never been brighter. At last count, we have now thirty constituted churches and forty fellowships (unconstituted congregation). Our Lord is continuing to open doors of opportunity in the establishment of new congregation. The burden of stabilizing existing fellowships as well as the visitation and strengthening of establish churches is challenging yet very satisfying. In the past month with the aid of Elder H.D. Fulmer from Arkansas and Elder Travis Housley from Kentucky we ordained eight ministers to the full work of the gospel ministry and constituted eight churches.

In the latter part of the month of June, we will schedule a ministers meeting in the Cagayan de Oro and Iligan area for a ministers conference. Elder David Pyles from Jackson, Mississippi and Elder Mike Gowens from Kentucky have agreed to be with us. These two fine ministers are probably two of the most systematic in their teaching of theology among the Primitive Baptist. Their instruction would be of great profit to all of our ministry. It is my plan to have a four-day seminar for our ministers only.

We are extremely blessed of God to report the increase in attendance at Providence Church in Davao City. We have had in the past month from sixty to one- hundred at each service. In the past two weeks we had thirteen join by baptism, including some stable middle class families. We probable will soon have to move from our home for worship services. This is a good problem.

The work of mercy, Beauty for Ashes, though not connected with our church is serving the extremely malnourished children of Davao. The majority of the children were sent to us after the hospitals had given them up to die. They come in skin stretch over bones with swollen joints and bellies. Some even have the fixed stare of death and too weak to cry. They are first examined by doctors, who give their service freely. Then through prescribed antibiotics, vitamin fortified diet, constant graduate nurses care and most of all compassionate love and blessing of our Great Physician, we se them nursed back to health. Of the twenty-eight those far admitted, we have seen twenty of these precious little one able to leave both healthy and happy. The blessings we have received from giving to these little ones, who cannot give back in return, is more numerous than we can count.

Also with our thirteen children we brought from the United States we now have eight Filipino children to grace our home. Five of these eight are in diapers. They all had no place to go and we have been blessed to bring them into our home. We hope to soon open an orphanage. Please pray for are many ministries.


Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

For the past two years I have been working with a faithful minister in Genral Santos City, a large city on the southern part of Mindanao named, Marino Oliveros. He was baptized by H.D. Fulmer who has continued to correspond and help Brother Marino. The last few trips to General Santos I baptized several new members of good quality and in my opinion, I believed the church was ready for constitution and Brother Marino was ready for ordination. Upon asking him what ministers he desired in his ordination, his only request was if possible he would like Elder Fulmer to be there. We set the time of December 29, 2001 and Elder Fulmer agreed to come and to all our delight he brought his grandson Christopher Fulmer, Elder Jimmy Fulmer son. For the last seven or eight months, I had also been working with several ministers in Manila. Among them I was convinced that Manning Briva and Ronaldo Lopez were ready for ordination and their churches ready for constitution. Since Elder Fulmer was already scheduled to be with us, I asked for his help in working with these men and aiding me in their ordination. He graciously agreed and worked diligently in both correspondence and telephone calls. We set the time for Sunday, December 23, 2001.

On Friday, December 21, 2001, Elder Fulmer arrived from America. On Saturday we met at the home of Manning Briva and had a gracious privilege of baptizing several in a beautiful stream beside Brother Manning’s home. On Sunday morning we met at Brother Manning’s home for both an ordination service and constitution of the church. Brother Briva is extremely well organized and thorough in his endeavors. The church covenant, article of faith and rules of decorum were carefully worded with close attention given to details. Elder Fulmer and I both were encouraged by his exactness and attention to detail. We first had the ordination service with Elder Fulmer and I sharing the charge. We followed with the constitution of the church to the satisfaction of all present. I particularly appreciated the words of thanks from the membership of the church for the months of labor in meeting with them. We left this home and went to a Mall in Alabang where the congregation of Brother Ronaldo meets. I had been with them many times to their congregation but this was a special and spiritual occasion. There were about seventy people present. After a preaching service we had a baptism of about thirty souls. Elder Fulmer and I shared in this pleasant task. We again had the ordination first followed by the constitution of the church. In the questioning, Brother Lopez as also Brother Briva, they answered the questions in great detail and quoting all their scriptures by memory. To have men of this quality with us is a great joy for which we praise our God. Elder Fulmer and I again shared the charge. We then had the constitution and the excitement of the congregation was contagious. Several regular attendees of the congregation came late for the baptism and requested baptism after the service was completed. We gladly agreed and used the swimming pool on the same level with the rented room where they regularly meet.

During the next week I requested Brother Fulmer to go to the Island of Bohol and meet with several congregations that have newly developed from the work of two of our men on that island. He agreed and was a great help to them. We met again on Friday to proceed to General Santos. On Saturday a large crowd gathered at the home of Brother Marino Oliveros for the ordination and the constitution of the church. Several of our ministers from Davao were with us, Elders Raul Cabuyao, Rollie de Guzman, Antonio Maglinte and Leo Ramirez. As in our normal procedure we had the ordination first so Brother Oliveros could be in the presbytery to constitute the church. Brother Oliveros answered all the questions ask with both brevity and yet completeness. Elder Fulmer and I shared in the charge. Following the ordination, Elder Marino preached to us with both clarity and scriptural accuracy. After a wonderful lunch prepared by the congregation we went into the constitution of the church. Great joy was expressed by all after the constitution. The future is bright for this work. Please continue to pray for them.

I had been requested to speak at the meeting North of Manila but because of other commitments, I asked Elder Fulmer to speak for me. It was a gathering of ministers that were interested in our doctrine. Brother Fulmer met with them and enjoyed the service. I will follow up that work in the future.
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