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March 2003

Ordination of Elder Ricky Enoposa

by Original Author on March 26, 2003

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

On Saturday, March 8, 2003, the First Primitive Baptist Church in Manila requested ordain men from the churches to come to their church to consider the ordination of Brother Ricky Enoposa and the constitution of Pangarap Primitive Baptist Fellowship. Elder Junio Tabanyag, from Davao City, Elder Jovencio Bael from Lapu-lapu City and Elder Gus Harter from Davao City responded from a distance. Elders Dominador Lozada, Manuel Briva, Ronaldo Lopez and Conrado Quinto responded from the Manila area.

The presbytery was formed; Elder Harter was elected moderator and Elder Briva as the clerk. Elder Lozada, pastor of Brother Ricky for the past 7 years questioned the candidate regarding the articles of faith. He answers the questions with both completeness and with authority. Others also questioned him and all the Elders were satisfied with the answers. The charge was shared by Elder Tabanyag who baptized him and by Elder Harter.

After the ordination, the church was constituted by the same ministers. It was a good and profitable occasion. We now have 5 churches in the Manila area. Elder Enoposa served for several years as a profitable deacon now he will have the opportunity to serve as a gospel minister. His wife Arlene shared in receiving the charge. Everyone gave them the right hand of fellowship after the work of presbytery was accomplished. Elder Enoposa will be a good addition to the ministry in Manila.

Your Servant in Christ,
Gus Harter
Picture of Elder Ricky Enoposa and Family

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Terrorist in Davao

by Original Author on March 5, 2003

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

Last evening there were three bombs exploded by terrorist in Davao City. All the Harter clan are safe from harm including Brother Chris Fulmer who is staying with us. I thank our God who has providentially protected us and give my warmest appreciation to our friends and family who have faithfully prayed for us. Thank you for your calls, e-mails and contacts made with our family in the states. We beg you to continue your prayers for our safety and for our labor with these good people.

The greatest damage in loss of life and property was exploded at the local airport. This is the only airport serving the city over one million population. At last report there were 20 killed and 140 wounded in the bomb blast. The two other bombs were at a Plaza in Tagum, and in a bus parked at a service station. The reasons behind these senseless attacks are beyond my mental ability to grasp even with my understanding of sin.

I am thankful our Lord is sovereign and in Him we can have true peace. The Mayor of our city Rody Durterte called a meeting of all the Americans to warn us of possible attacks on Americans because of the possible war with Iraq and American Marines being brought into Mindanao to help fight terrorist. The largest population of Muslim is in Mindanao and they are behind most of the terrorist attacks. The Mayor informed us if we saw threat to our safety to call 911 and the police would respond with in 5 minutes. I appreciate his concern for our safety.

Because the dangers are both real and eminent, I am canceling our trip to America with the four Filipino ministers. I will reschedule it in the fall, the Lord willing. I cannot leave my family with out my protection during these disturbing times. Please continue to pray for our safety.

This difficult time will also give us opportunity to be of service to those hurting families that were affected by these bombs. As well as encourage to those who are afraid among our people. Please pray that God’s work will be strengthen through these tragedies and His name praised.

Your Servant in Christ,
Gus Harter