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May 2003

Update of the Work

by Original Author on May 31, 2003

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

The threat of terrorist is ever present. It is something you learn to live with as well as trust in God that He will protect us. Things seem to be a little calmer at present. The paper daily speaks of American soldiers coming to the island were we live, Mindanao, to aid the Philippines Army to fight the rebels. When this becomes a reality, it will be more dangerous for civilians. These terrorists would rather strike at malls, transportation centers and other unarmed crowds. In the long run I personally believe that our troops will help eliminate the problem or at least drive them underground. Please pray for our Lord’s protection over us.

The Lord has blessed us with a large number of baptisms during the past month. In the last of April we had six young ladies unite at Providence Church in Davao and the next meeting a village Mayor united with us giving a clear public profession of her faith. She brings six or seven new visitors each time she attends. During the next week after a seminar on the Doctrines Of Grace, twelve ministers from several independent congregational churches desired baptism. I went about an hour north of Davao to visit a small town called Montevista. After visiting with several of their churches we went to a warm springs resort and used their swimming pool to baptize these twelve men. After the baptism they all immediately sung five verses of Amazing Grace. It was a remarkable meeting with somber dedication on their part. They have since been attacked by their former denomination and we may lose some of them or some of the twelve churches they serve. Please pray for these men that they will remain faithful to truth. A few Sundays back a young doctor named Reeds Versalbo united with Providence Church. I have been working with him for a few months and have enjoyed his fellowship and never ending questions. I pray his faith and faithfulness will grow and deepen. At the conclusion of our singing schools we rejoice with a spontaneous request of 18 souls to be baptize at Naawan.

During the passed two weeks we have had four singing schools in Manila, Davao city, Iloilo and Naawan. The main attendances were young people. At Manila we had 120 in attendance. In Davao there was over 200, at Iloilo there were 140 and in Naawan, there was over 300. Each school lasted for 3 days and 2 nights. With the singing instruction we also heard two ministers speak in the morning and two at night. Each minister was given only 30 minutes for preaching. It was a good season of fellowship. Most of our churches do not have the opportunity to visit other congregation. They do not have automobiles and each church is truly local. They seldom attend a church that is not in walking distance. It was strengthening to both hear new Filipino ministers and meet other Primitive Baptist.

Elder H.D. Fulmer from Arkansas will be with us for a series of appointments. I am so glad to have Brother Harvey with us. His travels here in the past have been of great profit and his labor has been lasting. He is bringing Luke Poe with him the grandson of Elder Bobby Poe. If he is anything like his grandfather, he is more than welcome here. I have scheduled him appointments in Manila, Cebu, Bohol, Davao, Iloilo General Santos and other congregations. Please pray for his visit with us. Brother Chris Fulmer who has been with us will also accompany his grandfather on his preaching tour. Brother Fulmer is also bringing with him two of the daughters of Elder Zack Guess, Rebekah and Joanna. They will be staying with us to help Betty Jo in the clinic and children’s home. They plan to be with us for several months

G.H.Photos of Baptism and Singing Schools


Bible Distributions

by Original Author on May 30, 2003

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

During the past month we have been distributing to each baptized and faithful members of the Primitive Baptist in the Philippines. New Bibles in their own language. We are grateful to the congregation in Shiloh Church of Stephenville, Texas for supplying the funds for the work. Brother Chris Fulmer has taken on the task of printing in gold the name of each member. As of now we have given over 1,250 Bibles our and have that many more to distribute. Enclose in this article is a letter we recently receive from Elder Buena Asilan thanking us for this service. Also enclosed is a picture of the congregation with their bibles.


Primitive Baptist Church
San Antonio, Talakag, 8708

May 14, 2003

Elder Gus Harter
P.O. Box 82333
Davao City 8000

Dear Elder Gus Harter,

Once again greetings in Christ precious name!

Thank you so much for sending fifty (58) pieces of CEBUANO Bibles to our church here in San Antonio, Talakag, Bukidnon-8708, Philippines. We had already distributed to them last April 27, 2003, all of them are very glad to have Bible with their names written in front cover. They appreciated it very much as especial gift to them they could not forget in their Christian life.

The weekly activities will continue with in the community. But starting this month of May 2003. we are extending our mission work to the next Barangay which is four kilometers away from our church in San Antonio, Talakag, Bukidnon. The name of Barangay is Lingi-on, Talakag, Bukidnon. If Lord willing may be by this year 2003 we can open a new another fellowship center in that Barangay. So please help us to pray.

Lastly, God bless you and to your family circle and ministry.

In Christ Service,
Elder Buena L. Asilan
Photo of the Congregation of Elder Buena Asilan


Brothers and Sisters

May 9, 2003

Originally posted by Betty Jo Harter We are always aware of your intercession for us in prayer. We thank you and ask you to continue to beg that the Lord’s will be done in our lives in this part of the world. Everyday there are increasingly more bombings and bomb threats everywhere across Davao. Recently […]

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May 9, 2003

Originally posted by Betty Jo Harter Routinely around mid-day, I wanted to make my usual rounds in visitation at Davao Medical Center, the government medical hospital. I had no idea that day would mean so much to me and one little eight-year-old boy named Emmanuel. I made my usual route of visitation from ward to […]

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Rex and Edwin

May 9, 2003

Originally posted by Betty Jo Harter I have written very little concerning our children’s home for abandoned children in Beauty for Ashes. The home has only been opened for a few months because we had to do some shifting around of rooms. We’ve had to accommodate our malnourished while finding separate living facilities for our […]

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