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January 2004

Helpless, though I be

by Original Author on January 30, 2004

Originally posted by Betty Jo Harter

I received a call from my doctor for lupus, MS, Addison, etc. etc., to make a repeat visit to be hospitalized last Friday. I asked her to please wait, let me come in Monday after the weekend. I had just been discharge again Thursday the day before. She informed me they could not wait, the lab test were too high infections is out of control again.

Oh, how I would like to encourage the Lord’s children by saying how full of faith I’ve been and how I’ve poured my heart before the Lord and the peace just came enveloping me. But it’s not so with me the past two weeks. I’m so used to being in control of my situation physically as far as knowing through experience what to do. I’m so used to being able to pick myself up though claim of His promises that I can readily recall. But these past two weeks I have not been able to even recall most of them.

I have felt like I’m in a deep dark hole. Thank God I have been comforted by knowing without a doubt if I’m there, and I’m His, He is there! One new gleaning from this latest experience of sinking bodily, emotionally, spiritual alertness is that it has to be during these times that our Lord secures us like a baby. Helpless as we are. He doesn’t require us to search out but envelop us as new born helpless baby and sustains us with what we need. It has to have been that way with me right now. I’m to helpless, hopeless to help myself and yet each morning I see the sunshine reappear, the children coming in to just be near and I am lavished with emails, cards and a sense of longing to communicate again with my Lord and thanking Him for the magnitude of his mercy to me. I wish this update could have been more encouraging, inspirational, but it’s true.

Mom Betty


Returning to the Philippines

by Original Author on January 22, 2004

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

I did arrive in Davao City without incident. I found Betty Jo improved and slowly recuperating from her surgery. I accomplished the legal work in America for the adoption of some of the Filipino children. I spent the remainder of my time visiting my family and the churches of my family. The visit was refreshing and extremely enjoyable. Though anxious to return to my wife and the work in the Philippines, parting from those you love is always sad.

Brother Andy Hanson, a member of Shiloh church in Stephenville, Texas returned with me with his father Milton and his son Joseph. Their fellowship and zeal are an encouragement to us. They are close friends with Brother Donnie Halbgewachs. Since being in the Philippines they have travel with us to the baptism of a new congregation in a small village named Esperanza. We had a warm meeting and baptized 21 souls. We have several other meetings in Iloilo and in Manila. They will be here leaving for America get a good grasp of our ministry and our method of work.

Photos Travel to Agusan with Brother Andy Hanson


Midway Experience

January 20, 2004

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter On my way to America in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, one of the jet engines developed a difficulty and the oil pressure went to zero. There was no way to complete our journey to Houston or even to Honolulu. The pilot made an emergency landing on Midway […]

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Geriatric Crew Ask For Your Continued Prayer

January 10, 2004

Originally posted by Betty Jo Harter Well, my stay at home has been too short. I had to go for staples to be removed from my back yesterday and stopped by the lab for lab work since I begged them to leave the hospital earlier than they wanted me to. The doctor called after receiving […]

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Elder Harter arrives safely at Bethany Church in Atlanta

January 7, 2004

Originally posted by Lloyd WilkinsonTo the joy of everyone in the congregation (a full house), Brother Gus came walking down the aisle this evening at Bethany, and it was just like old times. A little weary after an emergency landing on Midway Island in the Pacific in route from Tokyo to Houston, Elder Harter was […]

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I am Home!

January 6, 2004

Originally posted by Betty Jo Harter What a joy to hear such noisy sounds of children as Gus stopped the car in front of our home, December 30 at 7:30 P.M. Sometimes I tend to forget that these children never have had a Mom stick around too long and come home. It was as though […]

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The Guestbook is back!

January 6, 2004

Originally posted by Lloyd WilkinsonThe White Unto Harvest website Guestbook is back. Please sign it and send your words of praise to our Lord, and your words of encouragement and love to the Harters. May God Bless,Lloyd Wilkinson

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Elder Harter safe after plane makes emergency landing on Midway

January 6, 2004

Originally posted by Lloyd WilkinsonWe received word this evening that Elder Harter’s airplane from the Philippines will not be arriving tonight as scheduled because it made an emergency landing safely on Midway Island. Brother Gus is safe and he still plans to meet with us at church on Wednesday night at Bethany. We have no […]

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