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August 2004

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

On the 2nd weekend of August 2003 we constituted a small congregation in Surigao City of about 25 members into a Primitive Baptist Church. They had been well taught by their pastor Tony Decena and the same time ordain Brother Tony to the full work of gospel ministry. He invited me to be with them on their first anniversary. They schedule a preaching appointment on Friday night, a minister’s conference on Saturday and the anniversary meeting on Sunday.

The minister’s meeting was well attended with over 20 ministers present. The interest was good and was stimulated by excellent questions. Among those attending were three ministers baptized about two years ago at the same time that Tony was baptized. When they returned to their churches to share the news of salvation by grace, they receive resistance to change. They acted with wisdom and slowly taught their churches the message of grace and the simple practice of the Primitive Faith and Order. At the seminar they requested that I baptize their congregations the next day on Sunday. I agreed to perform the welcome task. They were relieved that their membership had finally opened their heart to these truths.

On Sunday there was an overflow crowd of attendees. Almost half the crowd was outside the building. The ministers that had faithfully labored with their congregations told me that there would be over 80 to be baptized. We first enjoyed a warm meeting of preaching praying and singing. Afterwards we went to the Pacific Ocean for baptism. The three congregations were represented and each briefly shared their experience. We went over 150 yards into the water to find it deep enough for baptism. After the baptism we took pictures of each congregation. There were some gray headed men and women and of course there were children. There are always the children, the future of our churches. I pray they will continue to grow in grace and the Lord will stabilize their churches.

Your Servant in Christ,
Gus Harter
Photo of Grace Primitive Baptist Church – Surigao

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Update of theWork

by Original Author on August 12, 2004

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

As our work progresses it is always good to hear from home. Thank you for your letters, emails, words of encouragement and your assistance in this work. It means more than we can express. Besides the financial gifts given this month we have received toys for children, clothes, school supplies and number of other needed commodities. Thank you! Thank you!

As usual, I am constantly attempting to balance my labor between evangelizing and stabilizing our different congregation (we now have around 120 throughout the Philippines), pastoring and building Providence Church in Davao, loving and disciplining as a father of rather large family, and aiding Betty Jo in maintaining her work of mercy, Beauty for Ashes. WE HAVE SOME VERY GOOD NEWS. After researching for property for over three years we have purchased 2 ½ hectares of land (6 ¼ acres). I am extremely thankful for Shiloh Church in Texas and a generous minister in Mississippi that provided half the funds to purchase this acreage. The remaining money came from the sale of my home in America. On the property we plan to build a clinic for malnourished children, several buildings for an orphanage or children’s homes, a home for special children (down syndrome, handicapped, at present there is not a facilities of this nature anywhere in the entire island of Mindanao), our own personal home, and give sufficient land for the building of a structure for Providence Church. Although the church and these works of mercy are separate entities, being that close together they will compliment each other. The children will have easy access to Sunday services. During large meeting the rooms in the children’s home can be shared by visitors. The property is beside the Southern Baptist Seminary and was used to teach new farming methods to their tribal churches. It is still a working farm with fruit trees and row crops. We will continue the farming in order to teach discipline to our children can show them how to live off the land. Brother Alan Hisel, a deacon at Lexington Church and an excellent architect has agreed to come to the Philippines and design a master plan for the property. These works of mercy will be wonderful and perpetual service to the children of the Philippines. In the coming months as our plans progress we will share more of these visions with you.

We have moved to a rented home so that we could put our house up for sale. It is difficult to show our home with 30 children living there. We will begin building after our property is sold. Our new telephone number is 011-63-82-244-1346. Our best mailing address is still the same, P.O. Box 82333, Davao City 8000 Philippines.

Our time has been extremely busy since returning to the Philippines. I am attempting to catch up with the growth of our churches in different islands. I enjoyed a good trip to Iloilo. We baptized two congregations with their pastor and a third we baptized a minister with future hope of baptizing his congregation. The interest on this island continues to grow. In Manila, the capital of the Philippines, offers the greatest promise of future growth. One of our ministers in Mindanao, Elder Wendel Lampad has evangelized some of his family living in Manila. Visiting with him this month we baptized four families. Elder Conrado Quinto is following up this new congregation with the help of the other Manila ministry.

We also are including in this letter some encouraging correspondence from two ministers. The first is a letter from a pastor in Northern Mindanao named Ebenezer Nombre. He heard me give a presentation of our doctrine and practice three years ago. After much study he is interested to join our people. I thought you might enjoy his two letters and my response.


Letter from Pastor Nombre

July 5,2004

Elder Gus Harter
Providence Primitive Baptist Church
Davao City

Dear Elder Harter,

Once again greetings to you in the wonderful name of the Lord Jesus Christ! This email is to follow up my letter a couple of weeks ago. I made an introductory presentation about my ministry and my decision or our decision for that matter together with my co workers and ministers in our denomination to be part of the Primitive Baptist because we are totally convinced and persuaded.

As you know it is not an easy decision to leave from our denomination. WE have been pondering it for almost three years now. There are many things involved including our relationships and etc. will be greatly affected. But just like the apostle of all once said, it better to obey God than man. WE cannot continue to be part and parcel of a group that teach and preach a pseudo gospel of grace.

Please advice us what time and day that we can visit you in Davao? Are you available on weekends? Well we have so many things to discuss and iron out, like for example our Grace Network of Volunteer Service; it is a Christian NGO we run in Visayas and Mindanao, and etc.

Many thanks for reading. WE are hopping to hearing you soon. The Lord be with you. Shalom!

Sincerely In Christ,

Pastor Ebenezer P. Nombre
Chairperson GNVS
Response of Elder Harter

Gus Harter <> wrote:

Dear Brothers Nombre, Rojo, Honcuiada,

Thank you for your kind letters and your desire to unite with the Primitive Baptist. I would be most desirous to meet with you at any convenient time. This week, this week end, or next week would be good for me. If you desire to meet at my home that would be fine also. Send me your cell phone number or email me what would be convenient for you. My landline is 082 221-0171 and my cell is 09163256634. I have sufficient room in my home for you to spend the night.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Your servant in Christ,
Gus Harter
Response from Pastor Nombre

Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 02:39:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: Nombre Ebenezer <>
Subject: ReRE;:Follow-up
To: Gus Harter <>

Dear Pastor Gus,

Good to hear from you. Thank you very much for taking time to write us. Presently, I am here in Bacolod City because of church and mission work related activities. I just read our email just right now and I have to meet the group and discuss the updates regarding your invitation to meet you at Davao City. As you know, Pastor Honculada is based in Surigao Sur that is 6 hour drive from Surigao City. Pastor Rojo is based in Lipata, Surigao City. I am based in Gigaquit, a 2 hour drive jeepney from Surigao City.

I am here in Bacolod City for some invitation by some Christian groups who are interested to hear present the uniqueness of the doctrine about spirit regeneration against gospel regeneration that is a prevalent teaching here in this place. And I talked also some points in eschatology. Most of them are pre-millennial. One of their accusations against amilleniallism is a teaching of the Roman Catholic. I pointed to them the biblically of amillennialism.

When Im back in Surigao I will meet the group and discuss the schedule of meeting you there. I have two christian ministers here namely my brother Jay Nombre and Atty. Jerry Basiao who are very interested to know more about Premitive Bap. teachings and theological positions.

Thank you very much. The Lord be with you.

Sincerely in Christ,
Pastor Ebenezer Nombre

Letter from Elder Roseller Nemenio, Sr.

Elder Gus Harter
Providence Primitive Baptist Church
Davao City

May the Grace and Peace of our Lord Jesus Christ is you always. As a worker of God I would like to share something how the Primitive Baptist Church Molave actively working. We continuously share the word of God, holding Bible studies giving TULIP and some other copies available and striving to open new areas.

We all love to see brethren working and worshiping our God. By the goodness and grace of our Father in heaven in the Primitive Baptist Church Molave those actions were very will done.

We are glad to inform you that this coming June 1, 2004, Saturday, we’ll be baptizing new converts, these people are SUBANIN tribes of Nenang, Misamis Occidental. The group came from Jesus Christ Living Hope f Glory Mindanao, which Primitive Baptist Church – Molave now also came form Subanin tribes are open for the visit of Elder Roseller Nemeflo Jr. and Antonio Nemenio who offers seminars every Saturday and holds Sunday worship. These people already understand some Scriptural facts and practices such as TULIP, The 5 Phases of Salvation, Musical Instrument worship manner and other important truths of Primitive Baptist Church. The estimated number of people who will join this Baptism was 30 from the tribal group and 15 from the Primitive Baptist Church Molave including Elders arid some active members for assistance.

After Baptism the new members from Subanin tribe will start the Primitive Baptist Church worship manner and teaching with the presence of Antonio Nemenio the very active deacon if Primitive Baptist Church – Parasan.

Sincerely in Christ,
Pastor Ebenezer Nombre

July 1, 2004

Dear Elder Gus Harter

Praise God! Hi, how are you? We give thanks to the Lord for all his Blessings during the June 19, 2004 baptism ceremony that makes every thing clear. In this letter we included some pictures; there it is the candidates, the actual baptism and the new PBC members in the church on Sunday. The ceremony was executed by me (Elder Roseller Nemeno Sr.) under the authority given by Primitive Baptist through the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost this individuals are being baptized. Here are the names of the newly baptized PBC members.

1. Mario Gandasan
2. Merna Gandasan
3. Ann Tiondo
4. Arinan Eroy
5. Emma Gallego
6. Joel Gapol
7. Roberto Ganias
8. Robert Gandasan
9. Tata Gumarang
10. Alma Gandasan
11. Gilbert Ganias.
12. EdwinaGanias
13. Roberto Ganiasjr.
14. Pacinto Gelliego
15. Alex (Jumalay
16. Maria Gum alay
17. Maricel Gumalay
18. Arnel Gum alay
19. Gemor Gumalay
20. Noli Gandasan
21. Laylay Baclaan
22. Geneviev Leonardo
23. Cinde Baclaan

We’re expecting 30 and above person to submit, but some quit for having respected reasons. These Baptized members are already doing their responsibility to worship God. Every Sunday at 10:00 — 11:30 AM. Sunday worship will happen. They are doing there Sunday services continuously with the presence of Deacon Antonio Nemenio, the one who worked so hard to gather these Subanin tribes again. All the baptize individuals are not already innocent about Doctrines which Primitive Baptist believed.

Primitive Baptist Church – Nenang is in need of Cebuano Bible, Hymnal as well as the Cebuano TULIP, we hope you can provide them as early as God’s well. Please send us more TULIP if there is available.

Thank You

Sincerely in Christ,
Pastor Ebenezer Nombre

We rejoice to see our national ministry evangelizing independently of our help – Gus HarterPhotos of Subanin Tribes members