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January 2005

Trip to America

by Original Author on January 17, 2005

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

In November I enjoyed an exciting visit to the United States. At the request of Tyler Church in Tyler Texas visited Tyler church during their annual meeting. The meeting was well attended. The Lord blessed in the preaching with Elder Bradley and I speaking at each service. The renewed fellowship of Brother Vernis Stanaland was a joy to me. The love and kindness of the congregation and his family was deeply appreciated. I also visited Shiloh church in Stephenville’s. We had a delightful meeting in the home of their pastor Elder Dwayne Shafer. Although Brother Dwayne had been seriously hindered from many maladies, he was in fair condition during our visit. I also was able to see their new building which is 90% completed. From there I drove to a meeting at Lubbock Church and I especially enjoyed visiting with Elder George Johnson, their pastor. Out of the kindness of this pastor’s heart he traveled with me to Jackson Church in Mississippi then on to Birmingham after the service at Jackson that night. For over 20 hours of driving we shared our love for the cause of Christ, the ministry, and our attempts to serve our Lord. Our visit will be long remembered. I took him to the airport in Birmingham to fly back to Lubbock. May his tribe increase. The meeting in Jackson Church on Tuesday night was well attended. Elder David Pyles, their pastor, was out of town with his wife’s family in Georgia for Thanksgiving. The congregation was extremely warm and very generous. The rest of the week I went to Atlanta to spend with my children and grandchildren. The joy this brought me is above description. On Friday following thanksgiving I went to the funeral of Helen Hunt the wife of Elder Guy Hunt. Some years back when I preached the funeral of her father, she had asked if I would speak at her funeral. The service was at her home church of Mount Vernon near Cullman, Alabama. There was an overflowing crowd with two governors, senators, and congressmen in attendance. Elder Sam Bryant moderated the meeting. I spoke first and Brother Guy followed with a warmth of compassion toward his wonderful wife and he gave all glory to God. In all the admiration and praise given this precious lady during her lifetime, she always responded with warmth, humility and a gracious Christian character. I am thankful in God’s kind providence I was blessed to be able to attend this service to give comfort to this fine minister, their four children, grandchildren and their hundreds of friends. My good friend Guy has lost a devoted wife and I have lost a precious friend. Please pray for Elder Hunt.

I visited Bethany Church that I had pastored for 30 years. I rejoice that Elder Lonnie Mozingo, Jr. is doing a wonderful job in serving them. Although my time was short I did visit Union church in Roswell and camp Creek in Lilburn both in the Atlanta area. Tuesday and Wednesday I visited Lexington Church in Kentucky and Cincinnati Church before traveling back my adopted home in the Philippines. It was a whirlwind trip but extremely enjoyable. Upon arriving home I found things well and enjoyed a warm reception from a loving wife and our children.