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May 2006

Tools, a Tractor and a Pick Up Truck

by Original Author on May 30, 2006

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

I am extremely grateful for the tools sent for working our acreage at Beauty for Ashes. We were blessed to receive rakes, shovels, hoes, hammers, saws, lawn mowers, weed eaters, even a hand cultivator which will get good use in areas where it is too wet for a tractor. We are grateful for the chain saw which will aid in cutting of trees. There has been two containers sent with from America, one from Georgia and one from Kentucky. Thank you! Thank you!

I am sorry to say I was not raised on a farm. I have seldom even driven a pick up truck and even less seldom a tractor. Well I want my good old boy friends to know, I have arrived. Beauty for Ashes is the proud owner of a used four wheel drive, three cylinder Japanese pick up truck purchase for $2000.00. But my favorite farm toy is a used 12 horse power Kubota four wheel drive tractor with a wagon, a bush hog, a cultivator, a plow and a box blade for smoothing out land. I realize it’s not air-conditioned and doesn’t have a 12 row cultivator like some of my West Texas friends. But it sure does beats plowing with a water-buffalo.

I appreciate all who helped us with these tools. They will help us feed some hungry children. I particularly want to thank two generous ministers, one form North Mississippi who purchased our tractor and another kind minister from North Georgia who gave us $2500.00 for tools. You will also help this city boy become a country boy. I have the boots and all I need now is a cowboy hat. See pictures on the Picturetrail.

Photos on Farm Tools


Trip to Iloilo

by Original Author on May 18, 2006

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

This past week I scheduled a trip to Iloilo for the purpose of ordaining Brother Jonathan Alborete to the full work of the Gospel ministry. He has been identified with what is called the convention Baptist which is a large group of missionary Baptist, for over 20 years. He serves a small rural church in which seven of their members have been baptized into the Primitive Baptist faith. He regularly has about 20 in attendants that seem to hold him in high esteem. They will probably all submit to being a Primitive Baptist in time.

Brother Jonathan has been with us now for over two years and has a wonderful humble spirit. I have because of complications with my own schedule postponed his ordination for several months. This week I gave him his choice of days for his ordination and he chose Saturday morning May 14, 2006. As the day approached, a hurricane was sweeping through the island. However I did not want postpone the meeting and gathered three other ministers and proceeded on a three hours trip to the church. We had to ford several swollen streams, work around fallen trees and power poles and washed out roads. In spite of informing him of our purpose to come, when we arrived, he nor his church had made preparations. I gave him the choice to postpone the meeting if is it was better for his church. It was his desire to proceed with the ordination.

In the midst of high winds, a constant down pour of rain we had a warm and encouraging service. Elder Ronnie Cabaobao questioned him regarding our doctrine and practice. He answered each questioned and gave proof texts for each answer. The chairman of the church was also the spokesman for his ordination. He gave an excellent report of Brother Jonathan‘s faithfulness in pastoring, and his humility in service. It was my joy to give an ordination charge to this fine older gentleman.

In the conclusion of the service we gave the right hand of fellowship to him and his wife. After the meeting the membership of the church had prepared a good dinner of fried chicken and rice. In spite of in clement weather the Lord blessed us with a good service.

G. H.
Ordination of Jonathan Alborete


Update of the Works

May 4, 2006

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter The trip to America was extremely enjoyable. I was granted traveling mercy and preaching grace. I visited 45 churches and saw many of my life long friends. The renewed fellowship was heart warming and the spiritual encouragement was of great benefit. I looked forward to visiting especially my ministerial […]

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