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July 2006

Ordination of Jose Nemeño

by Original Author on July 14, 2006

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

This week I went to Zamboanga del Sur for the ordination of a fine young minister named Jose Nemeño. I asked him to give his experience of coming to the church and his conversion to the Doctrines of Grace. Elder Roly Nemeño his cousin and close friend had witness to him for several months. Brother Roly invited him to hear Elder Lasserre Bradley and at that meeting he made a commitment for baptism. Being a member for 8 to 9 months he has converted his former congregation which were charismatic to join the Primitive Baptist. They have 14 families that are now members. After the ordination a group of about 10 Elders forming a presbytery constituted them into a church. They have about 60 members. During the ordination we also ordain four deacons to aid this newly ordained pastor. The zeal of the ministers in this area are setting a good pattern for all of us to follow in evangelism.

I sent $60.00 to provide for the food for the meeting but instead they supplied their own food. They use the money to begin constructing a building. They had constructed post stabilized on a concrete foundation. They also had built wooded trusses and completed the roof with G.I. sheets. As yet they did not have funds to build the siding but use canvass to insure privacy. I always rejoice to see individual initiative and sacrifice on the part of members to further the cause of Christ. Pray for this gathering of God’s people to continue their growth in truth and that maybe a light to their community.

Pictures of Ordination of Jose Nemeño