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December 2006


by Original Author on December 1, 2006

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity for the works of mercy in the Philippines. Your assistance in this labor is deeply appreciated and most needed. The Lord gives exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think. Let His name be praised.

News from the Harter’s home: Next month our oldest daughter in the Philippines Bea will be taking the United States exam for Nursing in Guam. Hope is in her second semester of Medical School and doing well. Laura is in her first year of college and most of the children are busy with home school. All are well. I am thankful to report my health seems to be good. However Betty Jo continues to experience intense pain from her back in spite of several operations and months of treatment in the hospital. I have been staying closer to home to care for her and our many children. I ask you please pray for her, that our gracious Lord would put his healing hand upon her. I hope in the spring to bring both her and our family to the states for a few months. Neither Betty Jo nor the children have been back home for over six years. My plan is to find a medical help for Betty Jo and allow the children to see America.

Not traveling as extensively has been of good profit to Providence Church in Davao. I have been able to hold Bible studies in various homes of both members and potential members. By this labor and the kind mercy of God several new families have united with the church. It also has strengthened our members thru a better knowledge of truth. Because of the growth we have to increase the size of our building and purchase more chairs. For these blessings we praise our gracious Lord.

In spite of not traveling as often in the past few months our faithful God has blessed us to add several new congregations to our fellowship. In Manila under the leadership of Elders, Conrado Quinto and Manny Briva, they thru instruction and labor converted an excellent pastor Brother Vic de Guzman. I then held specials services for his church and twenty souls requested baptism. I returned to work with them and on a week day we baptized 9 new members. Some were unable to attend because of their jobs. Elder Quinto followed up the work and baptized the remaining candidates. The future of this group is promising. In the Davao area Elder Maglinte is diligent in training a new minister who was recently baptized by the name of Roy Ilo. He serves a new outreach in Sawata about two hours North of Davao. Brother Roy has a good reputation of integrity in his community and is often requested to speak to both government organization and private service clubs. We rejoice to have him with us. There are several others in different location in both Mindanao and Luzon which we have added new outreaches. May the Lord continue to bless in this work of evangelism.

Upon first planning a children’s home, with the help of Alan Hisel an architect from Lexington, Kentucky. He designs cottages for permanent housing for our children. Each cottage would house 16 or more children. We change the design to a large two story dorm to provide for 50 boys, because we could obtain more space at a much lower price. However, after much consideration we went back to the cottage concept for two reasons. When you have 50 boys on one floor it is a difficult task to maintain any form of discipline. Also with the dorm you tend to institutionalize and leave all concept of a family unit. We agreed with this principle and have decided to build three cottages. We will also have a house mother or couple in each cottage to love and discipline them. I am confident this is the right direction. We have already begun construction on the cottages. We will use one cottage to treat malnourish children. Our new structures will greatly improve our service and ability to help the hurting hungry children.

Brother Chris Fulmer from Atlanta, at my request has spent the last two months with us in the Philippines. He has worked diligently organizing our property at Beauty for Ashes. His service was of great benefit to us. We planted a host of vegetables, the seeds having been supplied by Elder Guy Hunt from Alabama. Thru the years speaking at Mt. Vernon Church in North Alabama and staying in Brother Guy’s home, the vegetables and fruits from his garden are the best found anywhere. He supplied one box of different seeds and fruits. I can hardly wait to taste them. Chris spent many hours trying to make the property yield a maximum of food for our family and Beauty for Ashes.

During the month of January Elder Gene Thomas and Darrel Chambers of Alabama will be visiting with us in the Philippines. Both of these ministers have been a constant source of encouragement to our work. January 23-25, we will be hosting a ministers meeting in the Northern Mindanao in Cagayan de Oro. All our Ministers and their wives are invited to attend. Brother Gene and Darrel will be our main speakers. They will arrive on January 16 in Manila. We will visit several churches on different island before our meeting. I have not as yet completed their scheduled of activities. But I desire for them to experience much of our work. We are planning two ordinations, a meeting to introduce the message of grace to new ministers, visiting Beauty for Ashes and regular churches services. Please pray for these men as they come to serve us.

Our days are full and sleep is sweet. We love the care of children. We love to see the increase in the Lords Kingdom. We are glad things are as well as they are. Please remember to pray for Betty Jo. I hope to get her home before summer to get some help from the doctors in America.