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April 2007

Originally posted by Elder Antonio Maglinte

Dear Brother and Sisters,

God is always gracious to our churches today, though we are not growing rapidly as I would desire, God is calling with the gospel many of His elect people in every side of our country. God moves in the lives of His people not by magic but according to the good of His providence.

February of 2006, Elder Gus Harter and I conducted a Bible study in the church I serve. For God gave me the opportunity to gathered 10 to 15 pastors of different churches. Most of them are Pentecostal and some of them are Fundamental Baptist pastors. Brother Gus simply preached the five points of the doctrines of grace with the acronym “TULIP”. One week afterwards I visited Elder Gus’s office and he asked about the result of our Bible study. He asked me “if those pastors are close with our belief or still far from us”. I am quite disappointed since I received no response positively at that time.

But on the month of June 2006, one pastor from the United Pentecostal Church voluntarily came to me and asking more questions about our doctrine particularly the doctrines of grace and predestination. We had a long discussion on the doctrine of trinity. He is good man who served a Pentecostal church for 17 years. Brother Roy P. Ilo with his family united with us in baptism July 15, 2006. God had opened his eyes to the message of grace and the simple practice of the Primitive Baptist. He is presently pastoring our outreach in Sawata, San Isidro, Davao del Norte. By the recommendation of Boiling Springs Primitive Baptist Church — Asuncion, we ordained him last March 14, 2007. Sawata Primitive Baptist Fellowship is located in mountainous part of Davao del Norte. Brother Roy has a great influence and is highly respected in this municipality. He is now working with the Local Government of San Isidro as Moral Recovery Program Coordinator. He is assigned to conduct the pre-marriage counseling. God has given him an opportunity to conduct Bible study in the National High School of this municipality. Elder Roy P. Ilo has a bright future in this area. May the Lord continue to bless these efforts for the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There is one pictures of him with several members he has baptized.

Sometime I asked myself as the prophet Isaiah did, “Who shall hear our preaching Lord?” But God in his kind providence opens doors in marvelous ways. Three brethren visited us at the church I serve but I was absent. They requested to meet with me to discuss our doctrine. The next Sunday they arrived early and were from a Calvinistic Church. They wanted to know the difference in Calvinism and Primitive Baptist. I just answered them that John Calvin believed in gospel regeneration and the Primitive Baptist believed in Sovereign Spirit regeneration. This was in August 2006. After meeting with them several times and giving a clear presentation of our doctrine they finally committed to be baptized. On April 21, 2007 these three men and seven others were baptized at Providence Primitive Baptist Church. There were five families represented. You can see the pictures of their baptism. (click the link below)

Brother Gus Harter preached about baptism and encouraged them to live a life that brings glory and honor to our Savior. They are active in serving the Lord, gathering themselves at the house of Bro. Romeo Lubiano for worship on every Sunday. We do believe that the Lord will keep on showering His spiritual blessings upon the lives of His peculiar people. May the Lord grant us more wisdom for His glory. Amen.

As of this time, the Del Pilar Primitive Baptist Fellowship is praying for their temporary house for worship. They had rented a lot for the purpose, but still longing to build even a small cottage to house themselves for every Sunday worship service. May God bless us to do something for His name sake.

May His grace, peace and love be with you always. Amen.

Your Small Servant in Christ,
Photos of Baptism at Providence Church


Funeral Service at Bakhawan Primitive Baptist Church

by Original Author on April 16, 2007

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

Brijidea Fuentes, the mother in-law of the Elder Rogie Tasoy, the pastor of Bakhawan Church past away and her funeral was Mar 31, 2007. She was also the mother of Gemma Bergman the wife of Dave Bergman and member of Bethany Church in Atlanta. The Bergman’s traveled to be with the family for the funeral. Sister Fuentes was a member of the church and very active in their community. She was at the time of her death the acting mayor while their elected mayor was running for another term. They were two to three hundred people at the funeral service and only 75 could possibly fit in the church building. Funerals in the Philippines are more festive than in America and the family had stretched a canopy over a large area to accommodate the large crowd of mourners. At my encouragement they held the service under the canopy area to accommodate the large crowd. The pastor Elder Tasoy spoke first welcoming the attendees. Then a group of Primitive Baptist ministers sang several appropriate hymns. I followed with a 30 minutes message. I used the comforting passage of scripture found in Romans 8:28 thru the rest of the chapter. They responded with joy and tears. Enclosed are some pictures of the meeting (click the link below).

Photos of Funeral Service at Bachawan Church


Baptism of Two New Ministers

April 16, 2007

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter During the month of February I received an email from a minister in Pampanga about two hour hours drive north of Manila. The minister name is Tamerlene S. Adlog and he express an interest in uniting with Primitive Baptist. Because of former commitments I was unable to schedule an […]

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Purchase of Lot in Bacolod

April 14, 2007

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter Two weeks ago I traveled to Bacolod City on the Island of Negros to work with Elder Noli Hechanova. He has faithfully served a congregation in a poverty area of this city. He has also been extremely helpful in working with the ministry all over Negros. May his tribe […]

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Harter Family Moving to America While Continuing Their Labor in the Philippines

April 4, 2007

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter In the Scriptures the work of an evangelist, like the Apostle Paul, was to stay in a location to establish a work and then proceed to another phase of ministry. He continued to visit them and was aided by the ministry of other good men. The Lord willing we […]

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