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June 2007

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

At the request of Gilgal Fellowship we attended the ordination of Elder Vic de Guzman and the constitution of the church on June 5, 2007. We gathered at 7:00 P.M. and formed a presbytery of six ministers; Elders Manuel Briva, Conrado Quinto, Roy Fidiles, Dominador Lozada, Rufo Naybe and Gus Harter. Elder Harter was chosen to moderate and Elder Manny Briva was chosen as the clerk. Elder Quinto was chosen to question the candidate and Elder Domnador Lozada to question the church. Elder Roy Fidiles offered the ordination and Elder Harter delivered the charge.

The questioning of the candidate was joy to hear. The answers were complete yet concise. Brother Vic was comfortable with his answers and put everyone at ease. After a fervent prayer by Elder Fidiles Elder Harter delivered the charge from II Timothy 4. Shirley, Brother Vic’s wife set beside him and shed tears during most of the charge. They are a wonderful couple and their future service looks very bright. All present gave them the right hand of fellowship and wished them well.
Following the ordination we went directly into the constitution of Gilgal Fellowship. The presbytery retained the same moderator and clerk. That church covenant, articles of faith and rules of decorum we read and accepted. Elder Quinto preached the charge to the church. After the constitution all present enjoyed a good season of fellowship. A meal of fried chicken, rice and vegetable were served to the blessing of everyone. Click the link below and view the pictures of this service.
Photos of Ordination of Vic de Guzman