2011 Journey to the Philippine Islands, Elder Don Farris

by msardonia on March 24, 2011

Blessed Jesus, Because Thou hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation;
we are thankful for the privilege of sharing this good news with others.
On January 16, 2011, my wife and I celebrated her 77th birthday at Hampton Primitive Baptist Church and journeyed to Little Rock for supper together.
I was to leave the next morning on a long journey from Little Rock to Davao, Philippines, by way of Atlanta, GA.,Detroit, Mich., Ninoy Japan, and Manila Philippines.
It took a total of 23 hours and 15 minutes in the air to Manila.
I did not want to leave my comfort zone, but I wanted to go.
Mama did not want me to leave; but she let me go.
The Love of God in many hearts petitioned God in Jesus name in our behalf and looked after my companion while I was gone. To God and to you I am very grateful.
I met Bro. Gus and Sis. Betty Jo Harter in Atlanta, Sis. Donna Stevenson, Bro. Steven Bloyd, and Bro. Darrel Chambers in Detroit, Mich. then on to Japan and Manila.
The trip was as good as I could hope for. Small seat, seat belt fastened, 560 miles per hour, over 7 miles high, with and outside temp of about -50 degrees F. But, I enjoyed a good fellowship on the way there and back. I took naps, talked, listened some, ate well, and made it fine, for which I thank the Lord.
In the airports we went through so many inspections in such detail that you would have thought they were checking to see if we had fleas on us. We didn’t have any fleas; but our bones were kind of weary. The planes were comfortable, it was an air ride ya know. Some of the planes carried 403 passengers. For a little farm boy from Okla. That was big.
I want to thank you all for your prayers and gifts of love. You were a great help.
We checked into the hotel a little after midnight. Several Filipino Primitive Baptist met us at the airport. It was good to renew acquaintances. This was some of God’s heaven bound people nearly about on the other side of this earth.
We had a wonderful meeting right off with a house full of people and an ordination to the ministry of Brother Ben Inocencio at the Primitive Baptist Church of Kalookan City. Elder Conrado M. Quinto is pastor. All of the folk there were a real blessing to be with, very friendly, good singing, good food, good fellowship for a good while.
Worship was enjoyed with several ministers. I wish I could remember them all. Some were new to me. Their families, and their congregations were real fine. The fellowship was sweet. It rained on us. The attendance was good. The meals were delicious. We were welcomed by all, with many attending of other beliefs, and with some looking into what we understand the Bible to teach about us and about God.
Elder Darrel Chambers left us soon and went to many churches on other islands and preached many times and baptized some. His trip was rough on the body, but wonderful in soul to experience the pleasure, the spirit, and joy of it all. I thank God for His love, and Bro. Darrel’s love for God’s little children in the Philippine Islands. We were concerned some, about his safety. God is good.
On Sunday morning Elder Steven Bloyd went to Caloocan City Primitive Baptist Church where Elder Victorio de Guzman is pastor. Elder Harter preached at The First Primitive Baptist Church of Pasig City where Elder Dominador Lozada is pastor. Good services were reported.
I had the privilege on Sunday to meet at 8:00 AM for worship with Elder Ben Inocencio in Bulacan and Elder Jimmylito P. Yaneza, pastor at Pandi, Bulacan. It was a really good time. Bro. Gab drove me there. Sister Elizabeth N. Inocencio served breakfast. It was real good.
Bro. Ben and Bro Jimmylito went with us (Bro. Gab and myself) to meeting across town at 10:00 AM with Bro. Paul, and Bro. Noel, which church is affiliated with ‘Christ’s Chosen Vessels Ministries Inc.’ The house was full. The people were kind and loving. I really enjoyed being there. The words of their songs were just beautiful. It was a real joy to have the privilege of telling these little children of God how I believe about their Saviour. Both pastors and some others came all of the way to Kalookan City for the ordination service the following Friday night. It was good to see their interest and feel their love.
Sunday was full. Bro. Gab and I had to be back to the airport in Manila at 1:00 PM. Several Primitive Baptist were there to see Bro. Gus, Bro. Steven, and myself off to the Island of Mindanao.
Sister Betty and Sister Donna were already in Davao City, on Mindanao Island.
We arrived safely and had a good supper and a good service at Providence Primitive Baptist Church. Elder Julius Orit is now their pastor. Elder Travis Housley preached at Providence Sunday morning. The attendance was good, including several pastors from a great distance from Davao City.
Their meeting-house is on the property of “Beauty for Ashes” where the orphanage and clinic are located. This is a beautiful place and well cared for. All of the children receive the best of teaching (spiritual & secular). Loving care is with them around the clock. All of the people at Beauty for Ashes are very friendly God loving people.
Primitive Baptist have ministered the gospel and helped the needy here and other places half way around the world. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is good for the soul and the body.
We, Elders Harter, Bloyd, Orit, Maglinte, and I traveled South for many miles to the city of General Santos, a house full of worshippers where Elder Marino Oliveros is pastor.
We went North the next day and enjoyed a good service and lunch with pastor Roy Ilo at Sawata.
We backtracked on a very rough road to be with pastor Elder Raul Cabuyao at Tagum City, Mt. Olive PBC. It was a good time in the Lord. Elder Raul has to take shots for diabetes. Remember him please.
That night we went on to Nabunturan PBC with Elder Levi Sebuala their pastor. It is always good to get to be there at Nabunturan.
It was a full day and a good day. Then back to Davao City to the hotel for the rest of the night.
On Wednesday I went with Elder Antonio P. Maglinte and Elder Julius Orit to Asuncion. We had a good day, at least I really enjoyed it.
On the way we visited at a funeral home with some family of Elder Antonio and Sister Rebekah. Sister Rebekah’s Uncle was being laid to rest that day.
We visited some government employees in Asuncion with whom Elders Maglinte and Orit were good friends. We were ask to offer prayer in two of the offices.We went on to the meeting house and enjoyed a worship service at Boiling Springs PBC. The attendance was good.
Elder Travis Housley has helped that church with what will hopefully be some extra income for the members.
My thanks to all the Churches and Fellowships for your kindnesses in every way, even washing my clothes. We love you all.
Friday morning we flew back to Manila. We assisted Kalookan City Primitive Baptist Church in the ordination of six men to the full work of the gospel ministry. These men have been preaching for some time, and are serving the Lord with outreach ministries in Primitive Baptist Fellowships primarily around Metro Manila. It was a wonderful time of worship and praise to our loving, living, God.
Then back to the hotel at about 11 PM, finish packing our bags, up at 2 AM, airport at 3 AM, on our way home at 6 AM Saturday and arrived in Little Rock, Arkansas at 7:30 PM Saturday night after flying about 22 hours and waiting in airports about 7 hours. I just don’t know how that can be done, but we crossed a dateline somewhere on the route gaining time coming home and losing time going.
All is well here in Hampton, Arkansas, so far as we know.
Many thanks our Loving Master, our friends and loved one, who helped make all of this 13 days possible. I pray the Lord to bless you in your labor of love.

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