Update of the Work in the Philippines

by Original Author on May 10, 2008

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

Dear Friends,

We have been back in America for three months and are finally becoming acclimated again into our culture. America has her faults, but it is still the most wonderful place in the world to live. May God bless America again. Thank you again for help in our move back home. We have secured a nice home but it is a little crowded. Betty Jo and I share our bedroom with five babies. Hopefully this will only be temporary. We will do better in the future when our house in the Philippines is sold.

I have received several calls from supporters asking if the work in the Philippines is still in need of help and if so how will funds be sent in the future. The need in the future will probably be greater because of the expansion of both the children’s home (Beauty for Ashes) and continued growth of the churches. The method of receiving funds will remain as before. Brother Dave Bergman has done an excellent job in receiving and accounting of funds, including the purpose for which they are sent. In this letter there is an enclosed return address envelope and a card for you to designate how the money is to be used. Our greatest need is Beauty for Ashes and the care of the orphans. It has been our joy to supply them with food, clothing, housing, education, caretakers, and an abundance of love. The Lord willing, this labor of mercy will continue. Regarding our churches, we plan by the blessing of our Lord to both maintain and expand this work. We desire to supply funds for transportation in evangelism, provide Bibles, books and literature for spiritual growth, and aid for improving church structures. In addition, I plan by the Lord’s blessing to travel among them at least two preaching tours a year and train other American ministers to help by personal visitation. It is not our desire to be a burden to anyone, but if our Lord lays upon your heart a desire to help, funds will be used for these purposes and your contributions will be greatly appreciated. We are most excited about the expansion of our churches in the Philippines. The island of Luzon, especially Manila, is experiencing some excellent growth. In the last three months the ministry in that area has baptized six new ministers and many of the members of their congregation. A few of these men have been close to joining for several years. Others have been introduced to our churches in the last few months. This is the fruit of the meetings held with ministers described in our last letter. One minister, Alan Tuda, is located in Cagayan Valley about 12 hours drive north of Manila. He is an excellent minister with a good understanding of our doctrine and practice. The success and diligence of our Filipino ministry after my absence is extremely encouraging.

In the later part of summer or early fall we will be making a video of both Beauty for Ashes and White unto Harvest. I am confident this method of communicating these works of mercy will increase interest, understanding and desire to help. Brother Lloyd Wilkenson, a deacon of Bethany Church in Atlanta, and a great supporter of White unto Harvest has found a professional video photographer who is willing to go to the Philippines to make this film, if we will cover the expenses of travel, lodging, and special equipment. This is an exciting addition to our work.

May our gracious Lord bless your family and church. We especially encourage you in your daily personal walk with our Lord. Remember, “He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that worketh in us.” Unto Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end.

Your Servant in Christ,
Gus Harter

PS. Our current email address, street address and telephone numbers are:


11966CR 166
Tyler, TX 75703

Gus Harter – 903 330 3206
BettyJo – 903 3303207

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