Head On Collision with Jeepney in Davao Last Night (09/22/2003)

by Original Author on September 22, 2003

Originally posted by Elder Gus Harter

Brother Donnie Halbgewachs with some of his family, his three boys and his wife Barbara, a young Filipino preacher and his wife and Bert Tolibas, one of our members at Providence Church were in a serious head-on collision with a large loaded jeepney. Brother Donnie broke his right leg just below the kneecap. Today at 3:00 P.M. they will put his leg in traction and realign the broken bone. He will be given a local anesthesia to eliminate the pain. After setting the bone a cast will hold everything in place. After the swelling has gone down, they plan to do a surgery on his knee. The young minister Roy Dadious had a cracked vertebrae in his neck and would have to wear a collar (neck brace) for six weeks. The remainder of the passengers had numerous x-rays to insure there were no broken bones. They all were extremely sore. The van is totaled. We praise our gracious Lord for how little physical damage was done. We ask you to remember Brother Donnie as well as the others in your prayers. None in the jeepney suffered any physical harm. We are thankful that Barbara who was in the passenger front seat had her seatbelt fastened as well as Brother Bert who was driving. This action probably saved their lives.

Brother Donnie and his family have been a wonderful witness for our Lord. In a little over a month they are responsible for over 75 persons attending our congregation. I am so thankful they are with us. Let us pray for a speedy recovery.

Your Servant in Christ,
Gus Harter

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