Calvary Primitive Baptist Church in Prosperidad, Montevista, Phil.

by Rey Afrondoza on March 11, 2011

Elder Bregido Dumanayos with his wife

                  In June of 2003 Elder Gus Harter at the request of several ministers led by Wendelino Lampad conducted a seminar on the Doctrines of Grace at a small village an hour north of Davao called Montevista.  These men were serving independent Pentecostal churches and had heard about the message of grace.  They wanted to know more about the sovereignty of God and immediate regeneration.  A month later after visiting several churches served by these men, they all requested baptism.  We gathered in two vehicles and went to a warm springs resort.  The scene was both tropical and beautiful.  These twelve ministers were baptized in a warm and solemn service.  After the baptism they all joined hands and sung “Amazing Grace” in Cebauno.

Brother Brigido Dumanayos was one of the twelve that was baptized in that warm spring.  He had been teaching his congregation the doctrines of grace and a simple biblical practice.  The congregation called Calvary requested baptism and Elder Harter scheduled a time to baptize about 20 new converts.  After a

The congregation of Elder Dumanayos

preaching service, we walked to a river close to their meeting house .   With much excitement the majority of the congregation was baptized.  They have continued to grow in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and the doctrinal truths of the New Testament.

The revised motorcylce as locals called it "skylab"


 In November 21, 2010 Elder Antonio Maglinte with the assistance of my secretary, Rey Afrondoza, scheduled a preaching service and took these pictures.  This presentation will help you receive a better understanding of the Filipino work and introduce you to many of the ministers.

Elder Dumanayos Family aboard on revised motorcycle (skylab)

Brother Brigido has a large family of beautiful girls and several grandchildren.  He lives in Montevista and travels about 18 kilometers into the mountains to serve this congregation.  His transportation is a revised motorcycle.  They can carry nine people stacked in various places.  The church building is small but adequate for their membership.  Brother Maglinte preached to them while visiting for pictures and the Lord blessed them with a good service.

May our gracious Lord continue to bless this work.

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